2019 Festival Dates:  June 9th, July 14th, August 11th, September 8th, October 13th

SSOM hosts five events the second Sunday of each month from June, 12-5p, through October, 6-11pm, 2019, rain or shine. No refunds or transfers of vendor registrations will be allowed. Eligible vendors include: Artists, Creatives, Entrepreneurs, Makers, Culinary Artisans, Crafters, Arts-Organizations, Non-profits, & OTR Brick & Mortar businesses. All vendors will be approved by the Vendor Coordinator. Unsure if you are eligible? Please email us at SSOMVendor@gmail.com

Set-Up Details

Vendor Spaces will be assigned to vendors on the morning of each event. Vendors cannot secure, mark or hold spaces prior to receiving their assigned spaces at the morning of each market.  All spaces are designated as 10×10 areas. If you would like additional space you must purchase two (2) spaces at check-out in the online registration form.

*NEW Load-In:

Load-in for 2019 will be staggered.  All vendors who have purchased a season membership will be allowed to start loading in at 10:00am.  All other Vendors will be allowed to start load-in at the regular time of 10:30am.

10:00am-  load-in for seasonal vendors will start at 14th Street and filling zones 1-3, North to South until the top of 12th Street.

10:30am- load-in for all other vendors will fill in remaining zones, and depending on the quantity of vendors for the market will extend to zone 5-6 up to Orchard or Liberty street.

11:15am Check-in Closes

11:30am- All cars must be offsite and parked at Rothenberg School parking lot

We will be working with Main Street businesses to assist in programming their spaces and storefronts. SSOM will send an email out 1-2 weeks prior to each event with a detailed layout to notify vendors of which storefronts and spaces are off-limits due to business activations and  programming. We ask you respect the merchants’ space and choose locations that do not interfere with their storefronts.

Unloading your car: Main Street is one-way, so please pull off to the side to unload your car.  You must unload and move your car to a permanent parking spot as quickly as possible to keep traffic moving.  This means moving your car before you set up your space for the day. Do not leave your car unattended. Volunteers will help you enter, unload and exit the street in an orderly fashion.

Vendors are responsible for everything they need to conduct business for the day including:

    • Table and chairs
    • Canopy / tent and weights for each leg (weights are REQUIRED for set-up, no exceptions)
    • Products and materials
    • Payment processors or cash to make change for sales
    • Any required permits, licenses, fees, sales tax, and insurance
    • Portable electricity/generators, or power cords, if needed ( ie. food vendors)
    • Water or other sanitary items (ie. food vendors)
  • NEW *Battery Powered Lights (required for October’s night event)*

*** Vendors may not set up in restricted areas marked on the layout sent out each month. – Vendors who do not recognize these spaces will be asked to move***

Vendor Logistics Map

Day of Event Details

Booth Spaces: While there are no assigned spaces, our friendly volunteers will direct you to an available 10×10 space. We ask that you set up against both the east and west street curbs; keep the middle of the street clear for event traffic and emergency vehicles. Please note that you may be asked to move your booth during set up to fit snugly into the space you purchased, and for us to maximize the space to accommodate all vendors.  

Do not set up directly in front of a business’ doorway or leave items on the sidewalk – we love our Main Street businesses and it is very important that we do not block foot traffic to their shops. Please review the event layout sent prior to the event for more details.

Unloading Your Car: Main Street is one-way, so please pull off to the side to unload your car. You must unload and move your car to a permanent parking spot as quickly as possible to keep traffic moving – this means moving your car before you set up in your space for the day. Do not leave your car unattended. Volunteers will help you enter, unload and exit the street in an orderly fashion.

Vendor Set-Up Time: 10:00am for seasonal vendors; 10:30 – 11:15 AM for all vendors; event begins at 12:00 PM

Enter Main Street from Central Parkway. Volunteers will check you in at 13th and Main, then direct you to an unloading zone. We will fill the street starting from the center of Main Street (zone 1) and radiate outwards to fill through zones 4 + 5 at Liberty and 12th streets.  UNLOAD, PARK, then SET-UP your booth! There are no bad spots! We promise.

  1. Check-in at Main St. & 13th St. (see layout)
  4. Park your vehicle elsewhere BEFORE setting-up your tent or booth
    1. Vendors may utilize the parking lot at Rothenberg Preparatory Academy located on Main Street passed Liberty and before Schiller Street, on your right-hand side
  5. Return and begin booth set-up.

Vendors may set up no earlier than 10:00 AM as the streets will not be closed yet. ​Vendors must check-in no later than 11:00 AM and vehicles must be unloaded and off the street by 11:15 AM, no exceptions. The street will be closed to all vehicular traffic starting at 11:30. Vendors must be completely set up by the start of the festival at 12:00 PM.


EXCITING NEWS!! The Rothenberg Prep Academy, located at the end of Main St., has generously donated their parking lot for SSOM Vendor Parking. The parking lot is located ON MAIN ST., pass over Liberty and it will be on your right (1620 Main St., 45202 is the closest address). It has a black fence around it and will be marked as SSOM Vendor Parking Only. This lot will be first come first serve but should help out a lot!

Additional Parking:

    • Paid street meters now run on Sundays from 2-9 PM.   NOTE: Many side streets are now Residential Only parking, please make sure you read parking signs well.
    • You can download the City’s parking app and pay from your phone, as well as pay at the parking stations.
    • Woodward Replacement Lot – $3 flat day rate – Sycamore Street between 14th and 13th streets, directly adjacent to the playground.
    • Metered Parking throughout the neighborhood
    • Ziegler Parking Garage on Sycamore
    • Parkhaus Garage at 1123 Sycamore for a daily rate.
    • Please view other Over-the-Rhine parking options HERE.
    • Parkopedia

Vendor Load-Out 5:00 PM – 5:30 PM, except October, 11:00-11:30pm

  • Pack up your booth and items exactly at 5PM. If you know you need more time, start your break-down early.
  • Move all items, tent, table and chairs to sidewalk before retrieving your car
  • CPD will not open up the street to ANY vehicles until the street is clear of vendors, meaning everyone has packed their items onto the sidewalk
  • Once your booth is completely broken down and moved to the sidewalk, retrieve your car, same as load-in enter from the far south end of Main St. from  Central Parkway (remember Main St. is a one-way North to South.)
  • pull up to curb where your items are, pack up your car as quickly as possible, and drive safely home.
  • Please drive slowly while entering/leaving Main St. people are still milling around and the street is open to pedestrians until the barricades are removed.
  • Please be as quick as possible when loading your vehicle!
  • Be sure to keep the middle lane clear so we can all keep traffic moving.

Please remember that all vendors are responsible for the clean-up of their site. Please leave your Main Street vending space in as-good or better condition than when you arrived. We have no clean up staff or any way to dispose of big items such as abandoned tents or bags of trash. This is a ‘leave no trace’ event. We appreciate your cooperation!

Review the Vendor Agreement and Vendor Code of Conduct  that you signed and agreed to upon registration.