Written by guest blogger Ryan Schatzman

August is always an awesome month for hanging out around the city. Nestled comfortably between the excitement of big events like Bunbury, Taste of OTR and Lumenocity and the anticipation of looking forward to heavy hitters like Midpoint and Riverfest, Second Sunday On Main is sticking it out as the neighborhood’s favorite goodtime chillfest monthly celebration — and these Sunday Fundays are only getting better.

This month, Jeecy and the Jungle take the main MOTR stage on 14th Street at 3:30pm. They’re a versatile nod to classic rock and old soul with a new-age energy that will be perfect to set the tone for some street strolling. Don’t let Gerald Collins’ classy appearance fool you; his angsty, sometimes James Brown-esque shrieking vocals (re: “Jerk Me Around”) shred the lines between punk rock and 90’s alternative in a mixed-tempo roller coaster that races around crafty guitar solos and fits of Collins concerted rage. Think Liam Lynch meets Steve Erkel Hendrix — check them out on the YouTubes.

Moving along, let’s play Rock-Paper-Scissors. (Put your fist away, rock is so predictable.) I’m talking about the RPS Tent, where five fine bands will commandeer the soundwaves at the south end of Main at 13th Street.

    • Aaron Collins starts the day at 12pm with a slower, more soulful approach to folk rock. There’s clear influence of Brandon Boyd in there, so If you’re an Incubus fan it’s a great way to get things rolling.
    • Butler Tech School of the Arts is sending high school bands to rock the stage at 1pm, reminding us all how awesome it is to be young and in a band. One day we’re young, practicing guitar and ollies in our driveway, the next we’re here, standing at SSOM with Korean BBQ stains on our shirt watching a form of our former self shred the gnar gnar rad before our nostalgic eyes. But hey — no ragrets.
    • Jacob Tippey & Kristen Carpenter grace the stage with folk songs at 2pm, and the 3pm spot is still yet to be determined. We’ll post an update as soon as it’s filled.
    • The Saudades, a haunting trio of alternative expression, closes the day with the 4pm slot at the RPS tent. Self described as “a rocking party at the bottom of Neverland’s lagoon,” The Saudades’ harmonizing lead and backup female vocals over basic instrumentation hints at grunge sounds like Forget Cassettes while keeping a playful essence at the forefront. Check them out on their Soundcloud page if you want a preview.

There’s always more in store than these paltry words can ever convey, so come see for yourself, yes? We’ll have a few more gems to add to the docket before the next big day on August 10th, so keep your eyes and ears peeled for the goodness as it comes. Spread the word — for your health.

Check out all the activities August 10 through the official Facebook event. See you August 10th!