When was the last time you woke up on a Sunday and took a trip down to Cincinnati’s version of Sesame Street to grab a grilled cheese, buy a new outfit for summer and a one-of-a-kind painting for your apartment before catching a concert with a cup of the best gelato of your life melting away in the sun? Let’s start with once a month and build your party from there.

This Sunday, June 8th is the 2014 kickoff for Second Sundays on Main, and it’s making an entrance with a music lineup that promises to deliver some stellar variety.

The Hot Magnolias bring the flavors of New Orleans-style jazz to the MOTR stage on 14th at 12:30pm. If you’ve seen them perform at Japp’s down the street, then you already know how they draw the rasp and brass notes of Louis Armstrong can carry you away to Cajun Country.

Good Graeff has a distinctly unique vibe on a different wavelength, and they should; twins Brooke and Brittany Graeff tapped their talents in 2004 at the young age of 16, and continue to forge their own sound with power reminiscent of Florence the Machine over dramatic cello melodies and vocal harmonies. They take the MOTR stage at 3:30pm.

Whitfield Crocker, playing in the Rock Paper Scissors tent near 13th street at 12pm, floats a vocal blend that brings Bob Dylan, Michael Buble and Elliott Smith to mind, emphasized over slower rock guitar riffs and dramatic pauses similar to what the Black Keys are putting down on their slower songs.

You might have seen Josh Eagle play with his band, Harvest City, but he’ll be playing in the Rock Paper Scissors tent at 2pm. His take on Americana and folk should bring an acoustic version of Tom Petty meets Tom Waits.

The Rock Paper Scissors tent hosts the Butler Tech School of the Arts Ensemble for a full-band performance. It will debunk what you expect and promises not to disappoint.

Mark Utley made his name as the lyrical mastermind behind Magnolia Mountain, but has performed solo at Bunbury and the Cincinnati Entertainment Awards. He takes to the Rock Paper Scissors tent at 3pm.

Have you heard of the Pinstripes? One of Cincinnati’s funkiest ska/reggae sweethearts, right? Well a few of them got together with some friends and started this new project, The Raglinaires. They’re a rocksteady reggae group that’s slowly creeping into the scene with renditions of their favorite Island tunes. Catch them at 4pm in the Rock Paper Scissors tent.

Phew…. that was exhilarating. We think it’s a great start to another summer of Second Sunday on Main, and we didn’t even talk about the dog fashion show. Yeah. We’re already melting and gooping all over the sidewalk for these four-legged festivities, too.

See you on Sunday.