Check out our interview with Jill Goulait of Grey Goose Gifts, one of the vendors appearing at Second Sunday on Main in August!

Want to join our fantastic vendors at the August 12th Second Sunday event? There’s still time to register!


Jill Goulait is the owner of Grey Goose Gifts. Her handmade sterling silver jewelry focuses on organic and simple forms, and emulates modern simplicity.

When did you start your company and where is it based?

I started selling in June, 2009 on Etsy. I had taken a jewelry class and went crazy making jewelry. I was soon spending too much money on sterling silver so I decided to start selling some of it. It has grown significantly from there, I moved to Austin, Texas where  I was lucky enough to do an intership at the Creative Side Jewelry Academy and took many classes. I was also very fortunate to take a studio class taught by a very experienced artisan jeweler named Bob Weaver.  Now, my studio is in my home.

What inspires you?

Everything inspires me! Nature for sure, flowers, branches, sticks, leaves. I am very drawn to organic pieces. Patterns, prints, shapes, architecture.

What is your favorite part about Second Sunday? 

My favorite part of Second Sunday is the people! It is so awesome to meet local people. I love to see women try on my jewelry. I try it on after I make it and then I put it away until it sells. It’s so rewarding to see it come alive on someone.

Fill in the blank: The best part about my city/neighborhood is _________.

The local flavor and being able to walk to restaurants, shops, bars, and coffee shops.

What are your favorite local spots to shop, eat, or visit?

Redtree Gallery and Coffee Shop, Cockerill, Morrison and Me, Ruthai, Baba India, Green Papaya. I love the local parks, especially Eden and Ault Park.

What do you want people to take away from Grey Goose Gifts? 

I want women to find a piece of jewelry that they love and that will stand the test of time. I mainly make everyday pieces, pieces that can be worn with jeans or look just as good with a pretty dress.

What advice would you offer to aspiring indie business owners? 

I would say stay true to your passion. I am very passionate about jewelry, always have been so it keeps me going. I am not a huge fan of record keeping and some of the business aspects but it beats working for someone else any day of the week!

You can find Grey Goose Gifts at Second Sunday on Main on August 12,  or find them on Etsy or through their Facebook page.