Dr. Bongo-what now? Dr. Bongonatti is a mythical figure who suddenly appeared one day in Cincinnati in the early 1900s. He dealt in potions that could transform people into their dreams. No one who saw him describes him in the same way. No one knows exactly when he arrived and no one knows when or if he ever left.

What is his art parade? Dr. Bongonatti’s art parade is the legacy he left the city. It is the one day when everyone can become what ever they want and become a living dream. It’s an opportunity to let go of all the imagination and creativity stored inside yourself and express it to the world.

Theme: You or the alternate you. Come dressed, undressed, in yellow or blue, as a beauty or beast, You make it up, Come in a group or alone. The show is all about you! How creative can you be?

When does it take place? The parade will assemble at 1:00pm at Main and Liberty. The parade will start at 1:30pm.

Do I have to register? There are no fees to enter and no registration. It is open to everyone.

Second Sunday on Main Facebook Event