Pones Inc.

Pones Inc., a Cincinnati dance collective, will perform on Main Street as part of Second Sunday. The event, called Pones In(c) Public, is a free interactive public space performance created by members of Pones In(c) and pedestrians. Pones In(c) Public will take place June 10th at 1pm in front of Smartfish Supply & Studio (1301 Main Street).

Pones In(c)
June 10 @ 1pm
Smartfish Supply (1301 Main Street)
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You can also catch Pones Inc.’s production of “Project Activate” at Cincy Fringe Fest June 6-9.

“Project Activate” @ Cincy Fringe

Show Dates:
Wednesday June 6 @ 8:45 pm
Thursday June 7 @ 7:15 pm
Saturday June 9 @ 7:00 pm
Tickets and Info Here: http://www.cincyfringe.com/shows/performance/project-activate/.

Watch: Pones In(c) at IKEA:

About Pones Inc.

Pones Inc. is a collective of ARTISTS AS ACTIVISTS who encouragePARTICIPATORY PERFORMANCE with a focus on CREATING COMMUNITY. Founded in 2008 by Kim Popa and Lindsey Jones, Pones Inc. has collaborated with over 100 artists and 50 art and service organizations. The company creates site-specific performances through a fusion of movement and dance with other art forms. Pones Inc.’s interactive and accessible performances have been seen in over 30 Greater Cincinnati locations, as well as, Indianapolis, and Chicago. Ongoing programs that encourage empowerment, creativity, and connections are available year round for artists and art groups, schools, and businesses.

Pones Inc‘s vision is to empower individuals to express themselves, understand one another, and better their communities through the fusion of movement and other art forms.