Check out our interview with Sara Aschliman of Dwellbeing Design, one of the vendors appearing at Second Sunday on Main in June!

Side Table by dwellbeing design on Etsy

Sara Aschliman is the owner of Dwellbeing Design, which offers vintage and upcycled furniture, art, and home accessories. In addition, Sara is a founding partner of a sustainable residential architecture firm by the same name (

Sara with her son, Isaac

When did you start your company and where is it based?

Sara Aschliman: The dwellbeing design collection (my vintage and upcycled furniture and home décor business) started just this year in January, but it is an offshoot of my residential architecture business (also called dwellbeing) which began in 2010. As part of the architectural business I often would find and/or refinish a piece of furniture for my clients as well as for my own home. I enjoyed this aspect of my work so much that this year I decided to see if there was a market for it.

Right now I am working out of my home in Wyoming, but before we moved here we spent 7 years living and renovating properties in Prospect Hill, Mullberry Hill and even down on Main Street, so I have a strong affinity for the OTR and specifically Main Street areas, and would love to someday have a storefront there!

What inspires you?

Sara: Anything that has a history and therefore the character that comes with age. I love all things unique, and I’m always looking for ways to renew / upcycle / revive vintage pieces to bring a fresh modern feel.

Metal Leaf Chandelier by dwellbeing design on Etsy

What is your favorite part about Second Sunday?

Sara: Who doesn’t love a Sunday afternoon party? A little shopping, a little music, a little food, plenty of friends, sunshine, and fresh air. It’s a great party!

Fill in the blank: The best part about my city/neighborhood is _________.

Sara: there is always something fun and affordable to do – especially in the summer.

 Midcentury Retro End Table by dwellbeing design on Etsy

What are your favorite local spots to shop, eat, or visit?

Sara: I adore Iris and make sure that I stop in for a bite to eat whenever I am anywhere close by whether I’m hungry or not! Mmmmm love that mulligatawny soup!

What do you want people to take away from dwellbeing?

Sara: I’m bringing my style to you. I might not be giving you the shirt of my back, but I am offering you the chair from my own living room. My maxim is: If I wouldn’t have it in my house, I won’t put it in my shop.

Industrial Wine Cabinet by dwellbeing design on Etsy

What advice would you offer to aspiring indie business owners?

Sara: Not sure I have much advice since I’m just starting out, but I’d love to hear what advice more experienced business owners can offer!

Check out Dwellbeing Design at Second Sunday on Main on June 10. You can also find Dwellbeing Design via their website,, on Etsy, and on Facebook.