MOTR Pub will kick off the entertainment at the Second Sunday on Main stage in front of MOTR (14th & Main) on June 10th with indie pop up-and-comers Hospitality (Brooklyn) and electropop veterans Culture Queer (Cincinnati). The SSOM stage will feature family-friendly national, regional, and local acts ranging from indie rock to Americana and folk.

Schedule – June 10th

2:00pm Culture Queer (Cincinnati)

“Culture Queer has taken the elements of traditional Pop (sprightly melodies, unquenchable effervescence) and injected the proceedings with a quirky liquidity (Electronic experimentalism, Eno-like lyrical conundrums, New Wave energy, a wonderfully disguised darkness), resulting in a fascinating mash-up of style and substance.” – via Culture Queer

Watch: Culture Queer – Nightmare Band

3:30pm Hospitality (Brooklyn, NY)

Hospitality (Brooklyn)

Photo credit: Kyle Dean Reinford

“Quietly groovy drumbeats turn fully danceable in the flick of an instant, shimmering Afropoppy guitar rains down like confetti, whole brass sections seem to barge in and sneak away and climb back in through some window.” – via Pitchfork’s review of Hospitality’s self-titled EP (Merge Records)

Watch: Hospitality – Friends of Friends