Check out our interview with Lily in Flux, one of the vendors appearing at Second Sunday on Main in June!

Lily in Flux logo

Lizz Godfroy is the owner of Lily in Flux. Lily in Flux offers recycled jewelry and accessories from antique and vintage. Lizz’s unique and quirky pieces incorporates curiosities and found objects from the past, from typewriter keys and 1950s eyeglass lenses to bullet casings and chandelier crystals.

Lizz Godfroy, owner of Lily in Flux

When did you start your company and where is it based?

Lizz: I’ve been making art as long as i can remember, mostly mixed media, assemblage and collage. So my aesthetic translated to jewelry quite well actually. It was sometime between 2007/2008 that I started using found objects and mixing materials to create wearable art.
I make all kinds of things in my home studio in Northside, paintings, assemblage, jewelry, even a wacky costume here and there.

What inspires you?

Lizz: Authenticity, failure, old, broken, discarded things, making things out of ‘nothing’, creativity and innovation. Creating something that enhances another person’s life, however small a difference it makes, enhances my life + adds to the overall joy in the world. Handmade objects have more meaning, more history; a story that new plastic junk from a giant big box store will just never have. The concept that I am a part of a movement in this country that is connecting human beings again is satisfying. To purchase something made by, or grown by, another person, in person…that is inspiring.

What is your favorite part about Second Sunday?

Lizz: Seeing people enjoying downtown & the general mix of activities and energy.

Fill in the blank: The best part about my city/neighborhood is _______.

Lizz: …the authentic diversity in the types of people, you get a little bit of everything here.

What are your favorite local spots to shop, eat, or visit?

Lizz: Fabricate in Northside is a rad place for handmade stuffs and for inspiration and supplies, I hit the many Antique markets of the Tri-state. Farmers markets for most of my food, I love to cook so mostly home is where I eat, but I love me some Dusmesh for a yummo Indian treat & dancing Wasabi has some killer sushi.

What do you want people to take away from Lily In Flux?

Lizz: It’s a little feminine and a little raw & constantly changing, thus the name. Mostly I love that people take away an experience and a story when they buy a piece of my work.

I love this story: About 3 years ago, I was contacted by a man who wanted a 1950’s eyeglass lens necklace for his partner. He had written her a poem a while back and wanted it incorporated into the necklace with some kind of bird of prey. I made the necklace and used a red-tailed hawk, native to these parts. When he saw the necklace he told me that that specific bird was special to them and was moved by the choice. The woman who received the necklace ran into me at the last Crafty Supermarket (this spring) and told me how special it is to her and that it affects people whenever she wears it. This is a little thing in the enormous world we inhabit but it reminded me that what I do does make a difference. And that goodness spreads.

What advice would you offer to aspiring indie business owners?

Lizz: Just do what you love, make things because you think they are valid, but be prepared to constantly reinvent yourself.

Check out Lily in Flux at Second Sunday on Main on June 10. You can also find her on Etsy.