Second Sunday is back! At a recent meeting of Main Street merchants and various Over-the-Rhine supporters, it was decided that Second Sunday would get back to it’s roots in 2011.

Special Announcement

Henceforth, the Event Formerly Known As Second Sunday in OTR shall (again) be known as Second Sunday on Main*!

In the spirit of bringing stuff back, we’re also working to bring back live music (thanks to Dan at MOTR Pub), your favorite events, and…beer. Yeah. BEER.  If we can make it happen (and let us know if you can help), we’ll do it!

Join us! You know you want to…

We’ve got some great stuff in store for Second Sunday in 2011, so if you want to set up a booth, volunteer to help out, or sponsor this popular event series, get in touch!

*Yes, we know we need to change the URL for this site. We’re working on it, mmkay?