Mary Beth King runs Sweet Peace Bakery, purveyor of yummy homemade vegan goodies (remember the awesome cupcakes from Mother’s Day?)

Tell us a bit about what you make: Vegan Baked Goods

How and when did you get started? Sweet Peace Bakery began selling baked goods right before Thanksgiving 2009, having it’s first sale at Park + Vine.

What do you like about Second Sunday? Supporting other small businesses like myself.

What are your future plans for Sweet Peace? I’m going to keep baking.  As long as I continue to put love into my product my business will go where it is supposed to.

Where can people find Sweet Peace goods now? I do a lot of special orders for parties and to soothe someone’s sweet tooth.  You can also pick up my treats at Park + Vine, Coffee Emporium, Picnic and Pantry, and Book Bums. Follow Sweet Peace Bakery on Facebook for more developments!

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