Erin Kelly creates bold, handmade hair accessories for her line, Sprightly Strands.

Tell us a bit about what you make:

I specialize in handmade hair accessories (particularly of the bold, vibrant, and eco-friendly variety). I have also recently begun crafting my Sprightly Studs collection, which entails accessories for men, the male-identified, or anyone who prefers their accessories a little more on the masculine side. 🙂 Furthermore, I wanted to bring a charitable aspect to my creations, so a portion of each sale’s proceeds directly benefits the Matthew Shepard Foundation.

How and when did you get started?

I started crafting around February of 2010, when (to make a long story short) one of my favorite hair accessories accidentally met an early death. Distraught, I made a beeline for the nearest craft shop to recreate that particular piece. Not long after, I started making hair accessories for myself on a regular basis. One thing led to another and I eventually decided to share my art with the world!

What do you like about Second Sunday?

Oh man, everything! The high energy of the beautiful urban atmosphere, the diversity of the patrons, being surrounded by such incredibly talented fellow artists, the list goes on…

What are your future plans for Sprightly Strands?

As long as I can always keep creating, I’ll be happy! I would also like to eventually be able to contribute an increasing percentage of my earnings to the cause for queer equality. Right now being a full-time student doesn’t exactly pay the bills, but someday I’d like for my art to be 100% devoted to giving back.

Where can people find Sprightly Strands now?

Obviously Second Sundays, but I also participate in various local arts and craft shows. For the most part, however, my pieces can be viewed and purchased via my website.

Accessorize your life at and follow @sprghtlystrnds on Twitter