Abby Langdon makes plush, furry creatures for kids and kids at heart for Abbydid.

Tell us a bit about what you make:

I am a plush artist. I make stuffed animals and furry monster accessories. My pieces are meant for the young and young and heart. I use the softest faux furs and fleeces I can find so that my critters are delightfully soft and huggable.

My Wibbly Woo is the most widely known of the creatures I make; these are legendary animals located in the Peat bogs of Northern England. They have large pocket mouths for safeguarding treasures and make excellent bedtime companions.

I am also known for my Knucklebiters – these are monster pouches useful for carrying gadgets such as phones, cameras and MP3 players. I find the older you get, the more practical a purpose your stuffed animal needs to have in order for us adults to justify carrying them around. This is a fun way to protect your gizmo, makes it much easier to find in a bag (what else in there is furry?), and if you’re having a bad day, just pull it out and give it a little pet.

How and when did you get started?

I’ve been sewing for about seven years now. A little over two years ago I began making my pillow monsters, the Wibbly Woos, and giving them to friends and family as gifts. I was encouraged to sell them, so I created a shop on Etsy, an amazing website that hosts shops of crafters from across the globe, and I’ve been creating plush ever since.

I am also a member of Plush Team, an international guild of more than 50 plush artists. The support and inspiration I receive from this team has been invaluable to me, and has helped me grow tremendously as an artisan.

What do you like about Second Sunday?

I love being part of the community and bringing vibrancy to downtown. I love our city. I grew up here, went to school here, fell in love, created a family here. I’m a city girl at heart, and Cincinnati’s downtown is such an amazing place to be.

I feel like it is such an untapped resource, that so many Cincinnatians stay on the outskirts in the suburbs and don’t venture out of their corners often enough. I enjoy helping to draw these folks downtown, to enjoy the good food, great company, beautifully crafted goods, and fun activities, all while being surrounded by the history of our city. This is our town’s heartbeat, and I like to help keep it beating.

What are your future plans for Abbydid?

My goals for this year are to participate in more craft shows and continue to spread the plush love. I am also currently creating larger, sculptural pieces, with the intent of exhibiting my work in a gallery. My vision is to create a sort of plushtopia, with installations that encompass the entire space, floor to wall to ceiling.

Where can people find Abbydid plush crafts now?

Locally my work is sold at two shops, Fabricate in North side and The Bridal Studio in Mainstrasse. I also sell my work through Kooky on Michigan Avenue in Chicago and Wholly Craft! on High Street in Columbus. Otherwise, you can look for my tent at craft shows.

Visit to get your own Wibbly Woo and Knucklebiter!