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This application is for Non-Profits ONLY at our SSOM Winter Edition on Dec. 9th, 2018


Non-Profit Vendor Price is $25 (+ fees)


Eligible vendors include: Artists, Creatives, Crafters, Arts-Organizations, Non-profits, & OTR Brick & Mortar businesses. All food vendors must be pre-approved by the Event Director. (Unsure if you are eligible? Please email us at secondsundayonmain@gmail.com)


Full Season Non-Profit Price $60

Per Event: $15


Name of your company or 501(c)

A brief description of what your Non-Profit does.

What will your booth be like? How do you plan to engage with attendees?

Think hashtags without the #. Select related keywords from dropdown list or ADD your own. Use ENTER or COMMA to separate keywords.

Your website & social pages. (add one per line)

Your first name

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