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The Bier Laufen is back!

bier laufen hay bale

The Hudepohl Bier Laufen returns for another Second Sunday on Main! Cheer on your favorite bartenders August 11 as they compete for the prestigious title of Champion.

In this Battle of The Bars, 12 teams from Arnold’s (two-time defending champions), Bakersfield, Cincy By the Slice, The Drinkery, Japp’s, Kaze, Neons, The Lackman, Milton’s, MOTR, Mr. Pitiful’s and Washington Platform race through a hay bail obstacle course along Main Street all while dodging beach balls thrown by spectators. Festivities begin at 12 PM at the Moerlein Beer Garden.

Follow the action on the Bier Laufen’s Facebook Page. See you at Second Sunday!


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