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Food Trucks, Celebrity Chef Series on July 14th

July 14th marks another Second Sunday on Main. Thanks to Chef Jackson Rouse and Rom Wells of The Rookwood for kicking off the season.

The July Celebrity Chef Series, presented by Pallet23 with support from Slow Food Cincinnati and The Bird Haus, will feature Chef Mike Florea of Maribelle’s Eat + Drink and MadTree Brewing Company. Enjoy a demo and free eats and drinks by the Queen City’s great chefs, breweries, mixologists and more. Wine pairings are generously donated by City Cellars.



Celebrity Chef Schedule

July: Chef Mike Florea of Maribelle’s  Eat + Drink & Mad Tree Brewing
August: Chef Julie Francis of Nectar & Richard Stewart (Carriage House Farm)
September: Chef Dave Taylor of La Poste & Andrew Meersman of Django Western Taco
October: Pho Lang Thang

After checking out the Celebrity Chef Series, be sure to grab something from one of our great food vendors; C’est Cheese, Dojo Gelato, and Fireside Pizza will all return in July. Second Sunday will also welcome a new addition to our great group of vendors in July, Red Sesame Korean BBQRed Sesame offers Korean-inspired tacos, burritos, quesadillas, and hot dogs made with freshly prepared ingredients and sauces and kimchi made in-house.




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