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Food and Drinks at Second Sunday

Second Sunday isn’t complete without tasty food and drinks from our Merchants on Main and our fabulous food and drink vendors. Of course, we’re also pretty excited about the return of the Christian Moerlein biergarten! Beer will be served by 85 Broads, our beer ambassadors for June.

Food Specials for Second Sunday on Main in June

1345 Main Street / (513) 381-6687
Brunch served 10am – 2pm

MOTR’s brunch menu includes favorites from their normal menu as well as rotating weekly specials and award winning Bloody Marys (voted top 3 Best Bloody Marys in CityBeat’s Best of Cincinnati 2012)

Iris Book Cafe
1331 Main St. / (513) 381-BOOK (2665)

Iris Book Cafe will feature their summer patio favorites – house-made chilled soups (golden borscht and gazpacho) served with Shadeau multigrain bread ends, turkey avocado and veggie hummus sandwiches, and Aglamesis ice cream. Drink features include ceylon (black) and herbal iced teas. They will also offer iced toddy, lemonade and Aglamesis ice creams. And Second Sunday would not be complete without a robust chocolate chip walnut cookie (shh! it’s vegan!).”

1211 Main St. / (513) 381-5999
Brunch served 11am – 5pm

Mayberry will extend their hours for Second Sunday until 5pm. Enjoy their rotating brunch menu and drinks on the back patio.

Cincy by the Slice
1207 Main St. / (513) 621-3800

Cincy by the Slice will sell individual slices of pepperoni, cheese, and their classic pickle pizza at a stand in front of The Original Tax Place on Main Street (1335 Main St.).

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